Go Gel water-based lubricant


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Go Gel is a sterile, water-based gel which acts as a gentle lubricant for a natural and comfortable feeling when using probes and electrodes. The gel allows easy insertion used in conjunction with most EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) unit and pelvic floor exercisers to help with the relief of stress, urge and mixed incontinence.
  • Water based, non-greasy, transparent, and non-irritating
  • Recommended for gynaecological, surgical lubrication and additional lubrication
  • Suitable for electrotherapy and cytoscopic work and for instrument and digital examinations
  • Spreads readily, adheres well
  • Harmless to human tissue, does not injure rubber or metal appliances, instruments, natural, or synthetic textiles


  • The Go Gel water-based lubricant can be used in conjunction with most muscle stimulators and EMG biofeedback equipment probes and electrodes.


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